With TSSSCHK… we say hi to a healthy lifestyle and bye to added sugar and artificial or in fact – any – additives. It is just soda with natural ingredients.

TSSSCHK… that’s not a proper name, is it? No — it is a sound! Seconds after hearing it, we usually treat ourselves with a refreshing, tasty and healthy natural soda. Sparkling water meets real taste. It's just like that! 

TSSSCHK ... said the can of natural soda as you popped it open for everyone to hear.

All natural
All organic
Zero additives


CO2 friendly production

TSSSCHK…Pear Elderflower

TSSSCHK… Pear Elderflower

Pear and elderberry are a match made in heaven, no surprise that this combination puts the classic elderberry soda in the shadow. A shot of pear has never been so good!

TSSSCHK… Hibiscus Bergamot

TSSSCHK… Hibiscus Bergamot

Tasty Italian bergamot is paired with refreshing tea made from hibiscus flowers. The combination’s amazing pink color is just a little, wonderful side effect, we wouldn’t want to miss. 

Einfach nur gut

Natur pur
100% biologisch
Ohne Zusätze

Eigene Rezeptur

CO2 freundliche Produktion

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