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Ich bin Was?er

Ich Bin Was?er is botanical water to support the body and mind throughout the day. Still spring water from the Carinthian Alps with natural ingredients, handpicked from selected farmers.

Drinking water is essential for your wellbeing. But often, it’s nice to add a little flavor to life. With Ich Bin Was?er we created an alternative to pure water. Equally healthy, but with all the more taste.

All organic, and naturally low in calories.

For body, for mind, for you

All natural
All organic
Zero additives


CO2 friendly production

Ich bin Was?er Pommegranate

Ich Bin Was?er Pomegranate

Rosemary for a boost in concentration.
Rose leaves to boost your immune system.
Dandelion root to strengthen liver and intestinal microbiota.

„I have a focussing virtue.“

Ich bin Was?er Grapefruit

Ich Bin Was?er Grapefruit

Chicory root to support digestion.
Anise Hyssop naturally uplifts your mood.
Lemongrass reduces stress.

„I have a vitalizing virtue.“

Ich bin Was?er Apple

Ich Bin Was?er Apple

Angelica root invigorates and warms your body.
Lemon thyme provides vitamins & minerals.
Cardamom has an anti-inflammatory effect and refreshes your breath.

„I have a harmonizing virtue.“

Ich bin Was?er Quince + Lemon

Ich Bin Was?er Quince + Lemon

Tumeric is anti-inflammatory and stimulates your body’s antioxidants.
Lemon verbena strengthens your immune system. soothing stomach and mind.
Elderflower defends you from oxidative stress.

  1. „I have a refreshing virtue.“

For body, for mind, for you

All natural
All organic
Zero additives


CO2 friendly production

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