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bitterschön is a bittersweet non-alcoholic aperitif, made from natural ingredients. No added sugar, no additives.

To make bitterschön, tonic is produced from scratch. Sicilian fruits are hand-picked, sorted, pressed and frozen. Finally, it’s filled with Austrian mountain spring water, carbonated and bottled. Simply put, bitterschön is a pleasure without the guilt.

For bitter days

All natural
All organic
Zero additives


CO2 friendly production

Lemon Spritz

bitterschön Lemon Spritz

Beautiful Primofiore lemons together with our homemade tonic creates a perfectly sour palate. Dream yourself away to sunny heat strokes with every sip.

Orange Spritz

bitterschön Orange Spritz

Tasty Tarocco oranges are paired with our homemade tonic. Its taste can make you think of Campari. Classic, vigorous and refreshing.

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