We are a beverage company based in Vienna on a mission to make natural drinks: Organic, delicious and additive-free. Explore and enjoy our Wonderful brands!

The way we do business is what makes us, us.Wonderful Drinks Logo

We’ve worked with the same farmer cooperatives in South Tyrol and Sicily from day one. Over the years, they’ve become more than business partners – they’re our friends. Genuine people with respect for the product they deliver.

Every ingredient is bought by us, personally. That way, we can make sure everything is like we want it: All fresh, never from concentrate. No aromas, no syrups, no unnatural flavours.

Our production philosophy is to waste as little as possible. All fruits are pressed with peel (because that’s where all the good stuff is hidden) and we dry and recycle all the residue and pomace.

In other words we care – about people, the planet and making drinks that taste Wonderful.


We absolutely love organic ingredients and can gladly do without added sugar or other additives. Do you? Then welcome to our Wonderful Drinks family!

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