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How effective are HIIT workouts?
27. August 2021

How effective are HIIT workouts?

The classes of Beat81 are the place to be when it comes to challenging HIIT (= "High Intensity Training"). We asked Laura, an instructor of Beat81 in Vienna, why HIIT is such a trend right now and how effective it can be. Learn more about the main HIIT exercises and how important it is to bring a bottle of water (of course Ich Bin Was?er) with you. 

A short explanation for all of you, who have not heard of HIIT before: HIIT involves short bursts of exercise with brief (30 to 45 seconds) intervals of rest in between. You should be working at maximum capacity and your goal should to be out of breath by the end of the workout, even though the training can be as short as seven minutes.

This is Laura!Beat81 1

Say hi to Laura, one of the amazing instructors of Beat81 Vienna! As you can see, she loves drinking Ich Bin Was?er Apple during her classes. 

HIIT workouts are the ideal way to burn up to 1000 calories in 45 minutes

In each workout we do a five minute warm up to prevent injuries and prepare your body for the following workout. After getting the heart rate up a little already we start with the main workout. As if this wasn’t enough already we challenge you with a 2 minute challenge to really burn out your muscles and perform your personal peak performance. The challenge is either a fun but exhausting team exercise or a quick burn out. The challenge is followed by a short stretching & cool down to get your body back to its normal functioning. All in all the workouts lasts 45 mins, which is long enough to burn up to 1,000kcal (with afterburn kcal effect). 

That's how a classic beat81 HIIT workout looks like

  1. station: burpees (our most favorite exercise!)

  2. station: superman hold

  3. station: mountain climber

  4. station: squat to shoulder press

  5. station: hurdles jump

  6. station: pushup to t-turn and station

  7. station: high knees

You are performing each exercise for 40 seconds and then have 10 seconds in between each exercise to switch, and 50 seconds break in between the rounds. There are 4 rounds in total. Don’t forget to do a 5 minutes warm up to prevent injuries.

What exactly is a burpee? And how does it work?

A burpee is a conditioning exercise in which a person squats, places the palms of the hands on the floor in front of the feet, jumps back into a push-up position, in some cases completes one push-up, returns to the squat position, and then jumps up into the air while extending the arms overhead. It is one of our absolute favourite exercises because they don’t require any equipment, can be done anywhere and anytime and bring your heart rate up so quickly that after 15 burpees most people are already exhausted. 

Bye, bye calories! 

Don't forget to drink enough water in between your exercises!

While doing your HIIT workout you shall not forget to drink enough water. You need some refreshment now and then to keep your body functioning, because while burning calories your body needs a lot of water to save it from dehydration. Furthermore you need water for sweating your workout out.

Therefore we recommend always having a bottle of chilled Ich Bin Was?er by your side: it refreshs your mind and body, contains just 24 calories within a 500 ml bottle and tastes like water with a hint of juice! Mmmmmhhh, we really can't decide which of the four flavours is our favorite! Maybe apple, maybe pomegranate - actually we can't say so just try it by yourself! We can assure you that all of the flavours will help your body stay fresh and hydrated during the HIIT session. 

For more reasons why drinking water is essential for your health and wellbeing, we recommend reading this article about the benefits of drinking Ich Bin Was?er. 

Are you getting excited? Join the BEAT81 community!

With daily workouts, Training takes place outdoors in Vienna, and there are two very fun and effective workout formats to choose from:

STRENGHT & CARDIO: This Workout Format is all about your speed. Strength and Cardio exercises alternately to burn fat and define your muscles. Happy endorphins promised! Four stations with one strength and one cardio exercise each – so 8 exercises in total. Each Interval only lasts 23 seconds but that’s enough time to give it your all. Strength and Cardio challenges you to keep up pace and power in these two categories, ensuring a full power session!

CLASSIC HIIT: Our classic Beat81 HIIT consists of 4 rounds with 7 exercises each. 40 highly efficient seconds per exercise which will bring your heartrate up to achieve a maximum fat burn and also afterburn effect. HIIT training ensures you burn fat, tone your body and get high on endorphins in a high energy session.

Currently there are 4 Beat81 workout locations in Vienna: Stadtpark, Schweizergarten, Prater and the nearby Pratersauna. The BEAT81 App therefore gives you the best overview over all workouts. We also offer Online-Workouts that you can also find in the App. 

And what makes us the best? We use real time heart rate sensors during the workouts, so you can see on the screen how hard your heart is working and the calories you are burning. Our motivated and friendly coaches and our positive BEAT81 community are there for every burpee, squat jump and slam ball to push you to your limits. Once you give it a try, you will be desperate for more.

Are you curious now? Download the BEAT81 App in the Appstore and try BEAT81 for free! The first three sessions are free of charge – no matter which location or workout format.