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The ICH BIN WAS?ER guide
12. Januar 2021

The ICH BIN WAS?ER guide

Why do we need water in our lives? 

Drinking water is essential to maintain a healthy body and mind. Unfortunately, many people do not drink enough because normal water just tastes too boring. That's why the team of Wonderful Drinks has developed a water that combines pure Austrian mountain spring water with 100% organic and natural fruit juices, roots and herbs. Nothing else.

Around 60% of the human body is made up of water, this is nearly two-thirds of our body weight.  Our cells and organs need water to function properly and we are also constantly loosing it through sweat, breathing and urination. Here are some interesting facts about why water is so important for us and our health: 

  • Water delivers oygen throughout the body. 

  • Water boosts skin health and beauty - with dehydration wrinkels are right around the corner. 

  • Water cushions the brain - if you drink enough your brain function is much higher. 

  • Water helps the digestive system to work properly. 

  • Water is needed for sweating - therefore you need to keep hydrated during your exercises. 

  • Water helps you to loose weight - good to know, especially after the Christmas holidays! 

  • Water reduces the chance of a hangover. 

But how much water does an average body need? This is a complicated question, because there is no fixed amount of water that must be consumed on a daily basis. The exact amount depends on your weight, your activities, the daily weather and on much more! However, the European Food Safetly Authority recommends that women should drink about 1.6 litres of fluid while men should drink about 2.0 litres per day. But always keep in mind that the real amount of fluid you need per day is depending largely on current circumstances!

Now we know that drinking water is essential for a healthy lifestyle and we can go over to the really important questions!

ICH BIN WAS?ER - great flavour with every sip ! 

What is so special about "ICH BIN WAS?ER"

ICH BIN WAS?ER was developed to revitalize and keep the body and mind healthy in a completely natural way. For this purpose, we use only the best ingredients: the still mountain spring water from the Carinthian Alps meets the power of fresh organic fruits, herbs and roots. The refreshment comes here completely without added sugar or artificial additives and contains only about 4kcal/100ml. Our water is therefore tasty and low in calories at the same time.

Wonderful Drinks attaches particular importance to using only ingredients of 100% organic quality, so also with "ICH BIN WAS?ER" - why is that so?

ICH BIN WAS?ER is a real alternative to water and can be enjoyed without any guilt. For all our beverages we work exclusively with organic ingredients. This goes with our quality standards and also our commitment to sustainability. Since our juices are pressed from whole fruits (with its peel) and the tea is made from dried herbs - it is essential that we only use untreated ingredients that are grown without chemical - synthetic fertilizers and sprays. The own taste of our organic ingredients is therefore particularly intense and is completely sufficient for the great taste experience - added sugar and other additives have absolutely no need here. 

Is there a particular target group ICH BIN WAS?ER wants to address?

ICH BIN WAS?ER is particularly well received in the sports and mindfulness scene. Lifestyle areas such as yoga, wellness, relaxation, beauty and exercise, among others, also focus on a balanced and healthy diet. Water plays an important role in all these areas of life. However, drinking enough water is always important - your body needs it daily to walk, to work and even to relax. ICH BIN WAS?ER is therefore the perfect alternative to pure water with no flavour - but offers at least as good refreshment. 

In which varieties is "ICH BIN WAS?ER" available? 

ICH BIN WAS?ER is already available in four refreshing flavors: Pomegranate, Apple, Grapefruit and Quince + Lemon. Each variety is enriched with various herbs, which have different effects on the body. Pomegranate contains dandelion root, rose petals as well as rosemary and helps the mind to focus. Grapefruit, on the other hand, is rounded out with anise hyssop, lemongrass and chicory root, making it particularly revitalizing. Apple is refined with angelica root, lemon thyme and cardamom and helps to stay in harmony while quince + lemon is particularly refreshing due to turmeric, lemon verbena and elderflower. Click here and learn more about the four different flavours.

Where can I buy ICH BIN WAS?ER in the UK? 

You can find our products in a few local stores in and around London and Bristol: 

Today's Living - 92 Clapham High St, Clapham Town, London SW4 7UL, UK.
Portobello Juice Hub - 183 York Way, London N7 9LN, Vereinigtes Königreich
Simply Fresh - 350 Coombe Ln, Wimbledon, London SW20 0RJ, UK.

Acorn Pharmacy - 256 High St, Berkhamsted HP4 1AQ, UK. 

The Better Food Company Ltd - Avon, Scrapstore House, 21 Sevier St, Bristol BS2 9LB, UK. 
The Better Food Company Ltd - 1-5 Gaol Ferry Steps, Bristol BS1 6WE, UK. 

Maidstone Health Foods - 28 Royal Star Arcade, High Street, Maidstone ME14 1JL, UK.


We will do our best to make sure that your favorite flavour will soon be available in your neighborhood! 


Click here to shop ICH BIN WAS?ER online.